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  1. Windows 7
    Hi there this is my first post on these forums so apologies if I'm not too familiar with the layout. I'm not too computer savy so if anyone could try simplify any answers/solutions that would be great. Basically the problem is for the past few months around start up of windows 7 I was getting...
  2. Hardware
    I've tried to diagnose it myself and have failed. My PC doesn't boot up. When I click the power button, the lights are on except for the one that blinks (the hard drive usage ones I think?). The CPU and PSU fan seems to work and they start up but there is nothing being displayed on the screen...
  3. Linux and Unix
    I have install kali linux as dual boot on my laptop. Everything was running smoothly. I was getting the GNU Grub on startup with the options to load my windows bootloader or to start linux or enter BIOS. But after having configured my bios password i am stuck on the booting screen that is the...
1-3 of 3 Results