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  1. Hardware
    There seem to be many places to host this question, but here goes.... I am looking for books that explain what things like Threads are. What is a "Working Set", what are "Private Bytes"..... etc. I can look up the definition of such, but what are they for and what do they do? Books like...
  2. Apple Mac
    I have had nothing but bad experiences with Apple Books on my desktop Mac. On numerous occasions I've lost books while syncing and on more than one occasion I've lost ALL of the books in my library! So, I've gotten in the habit of bypassing the sync process altogether and adding books to my...
  3. General Security
    If I torrent 2-3 movies a year and 3-4 books is it worth it for me to get a VPN? Also, should I be at all worried about streaming movies online?
1-3 of 3 Results