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  1. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    Hi all. I have a BluRay player that began freezing, after I put a brand new bluray in it. Literally brand new, plastic wrap and all. When it reached 1:32 on the movie, it froze. Then every disc after that wouldn't work. I opened the player, cleaned the lasers. Put it back together. A disc that...
  2. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    I did a search but didn't find any threads related to audio issues. I have an LG Smart TV model 47LA6200. It has several HDMI access points as well as USB. It also has audio and video outputs on one side of the TV. Currently, I have a Philips Blu-Ray player connected to the TV via HDMI. I also...
  3. Multimedia
    Hi Tech Guys! I searched ALL forums for this topic and got no results. I hope someone has some suggestions. I have a Philips Blu Ray BDP2185 3D model. I have it connected to my LG Smart TV via an HDMI cable (the best option, imo). I don't have wireless headphones to hear the audio from the Blu...
1-3 of 3 Results