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  1. Hardware
    After installing (new) ddr4 32gb of (4)8gb sticks 3,200mhz corsair vengeance pro and changing ram speed in bios from old ram speed ddr4 (4) 4gb 16gb 2,400mhz. Pc turns on but no signal to monitor also keyboard and mouse don't light up even tho usb ports provide power. I have tried both clearing...
  2. Hardware
    I'm having problems with my laptop 💻 black-screening don't know what's wrong. I think it could do with the battery failing but it's weird cause the fan and disc drive are working so I know it's on. Any suggestions on what to do and would pictures help?
  3. Games
    Dear pc helpdesk. Ive tried so many things but my pc gets a blackscreen everytime i play overwatch... it only hapens in 2 situations Situation one: blackscreen appears during loading a map Situation two: blackscreen appears after i closed out of overwatch and return to dekstop... When my...
1-3 of 3 Results