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  1. Networking
    Hello and thanks for reading this thread Now I have a VPS server with a static ip and I'm using it as my vpn server, now after 2 or 3 weeks my IP seems to be blacklisted by spotify and unity and I only receive the 403 error trying to load the website. I ran a blacklist test and I got this error...
  2. Web Design & Development
    Someone told me that it would help my business to buy a bunch of domains with locations and keywords in them, and have them pointed to my main website. So, I bought six new domains and had them pointed to my main website. Then, two other people told me that I can get blacklisted on Google for...
  3. Web & Email
    Hoping someone can help because I have officially hit the wall with everything I can think of. A long time client of mine has suddenly (3 weeks going now) stopped receiving emails from me or anyone at my domain. I can receive their emails but any email I send back (whether its a reply or a new...
1-3 of 3 Results