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  1. Hardware
    I have recently build a new pc by myself, everything seemed to be order after using the pc on the first day but unfortunetly the headphone jacks are not working properly anymore. They register that something is plugged into them, but the device which is plugged into them does not play any sound...
  2. Hardware
    i recently tried to open my Dell ax210 speakers and succeeded in it but mistakenly removed these two wires (yellow and white one) this is the main wire from 3.5mm ( line in ) cable,there are three wires white, yellow and black where these wires of Dell ax210 speakers(line in one) are supposed...
  3. Hardware
    Dear all, I'm completely new here and I've been looking for some help. My headphone jack broke off in my laptop and I don't know a way to fix it. But, my question is how can I switch my laptop from headphone output to speakers? I've tried almost everything, my laptop acts like there are still...
1-3 of 3 Results