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  1. Hardware
    hi I am kind of new to pc stuff and want to upgrade my RAM I know how much I can put in max (32GB) but I don't know what voltage or speed I need to get if someone could help how I find out this would be much appreciated
  2. Windows 10
    Computer wasn’t dropped and I don’t believe I damaged the screen in any way but it is possible. The mouse disappears behind the white coloured glitch but I can click on the visible buttons. Please tell me if I can fix this myself, and if not, how much it would cost to fix.
  3. Hardware
    My camera doesn't recognize that I have entered the correct permissions and keeps asking for them. Resetting doesn't work since it shows that it is loading but doesn't finish loading. I have tried turning camera access to the device on and off, apps access to the camera and the camera app's...
  4. Hardware
    Context: I'm 16 i live w/ my mother The computer is a Dell insperion 15 3000 I have a 2 year warranty from CEX The computer was B Grade quality. So basically my mum moved my computer to do something idk what and has ended up snapping the charger for my laptop and a part of it is now stuck I've...
  5. Android Mobile Devices
    Hi, When I restart my Redmi Note 5, there are black pixelated rounded borders on the four corners of the screen, and also two small thin lines on the top and bottom of the screen. I faced this issue first a day back, when I rebooted my phone. Then I did a factory reset and after that...
  6. Hardware
    The light that shows it is charging is on, as we’ll as the light that says it should be on, however nothing is on the screen! Any suggestions on what to do, have exams this year and need my laptop!! Thanks, Marcus
  7. Multimedia
    Hi everyone! A Pleasant greeting, I need help again. So I deleted my files so of course, they went straight to the recycle bin and I emptied my recycle bin but I noticed that one of my important files are missing I need to recover it for my School. I tried the program EaseUs but I need to pay...
  8. Hardware
    hey i have a secondary hard drive that i sold to my friend. i formatted it to remove all content and now how do i install windows 10 onto it, i have another hard drive runnning windows 10
  9. Hardware
    My computer goes: BEEP BEEP *stop* BEEP BEEP and repeats over and over. I also hear a clicking, did my HDD break or something?
  10. Windows 10
    Hello I have a Windows 10 computer and desided to tey and put it on safe mode using command prompt then I restarted and it seemed like it was going good till after I logged in and then a administrator cmd.exe window came up filling the whole screen and after exiting out all it gave me was a...
  11. Windows 7
    I'm currently installing Windows 7 and wiping my system of Windows 10 due to being unhappy with the product and unable to resolve issues with PC. The installation was going fine until the "completing installation" part where it was stuck for over an hour. I restarted the PC and was met with a...
  12. Hardware
    Hello, I need help ASAP. I'm a rookie in computer things, and I was practicing taking apart and putting back together my computer. Suddenly my tower is in permanent standby mode. I am using a Inspirion 560, running Windows 10. I'm sure it's not a monitor problem, I use dual monitors so chances...
  13. Windows 10
    As the title suggests I'm having trouble with my computer I believe what started this problem is turning off my graphics card because the moment I turned it off my monitor did Please respond ASAP!
1-13 of 13 Results