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  1. Hardware
    Hello guys, I have some problem with my PC which I built myself on August 2020. Since day 1 I did some testing once I assembled all the parts I bought online and I can uses my PC without any problem (even right now I posted this using the PC) expect when playing some specific games; I tested...
  2. Hardware
    CPU: AMD R3 2200G Non overclocked whatsoever Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus B450I RAM: Team group 2x8 GB Has been working fine as a browser/office pc for ~6 months, suddenly booted to this one day. The first boot had the artefacting shown above but froze. 2nd boot onwards it's just a black screen...
  3. Hardware
    I got a problem with my APU. Screen split to 2 for no reason after installing the AMD Radeon Software. Sometimes goes dark blue. I tried to update my Bois It's already updated to version P4.70, but it just didn't work. I have also tried to reinstall my windows 10 and the drivers, it's didn't...
1-3 of 3 Results