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  1. All Other Software
    Hi I have a webcam that didn't come with it's own app or software so it uses Window 10's own webcam driver and therefore has little functionality. I'd really like to be able to use it to capture still images as well as for video chats. Can anyone recommend free webcam capture software or apps...
  2. Web & Email
    Every time I save a photo from Chrome, it automatically opens in Window's Photos app. Therefore, if I save 5 photos, 5different Photo apps are open for each photo I save. How do I make that stop? Please let me know what settings I need to adjust. Thank you.
  3. Site Help, Feedback, & Announcements
    I have found out some tips to improve the site: 1. The home screen. (Not but is showing that i didn't login even though i did. 2. The images when inserted in the text keep saying
  4. Android Mobile Devices
    Might be a dumb question, but if I remove an app from my cloud storage (kindle fire hdx7) do I have to repurchase the app to use it again?
  5. Android Mobile Devices
    I have young kids, so I don't want them to see every place I go. Yet when I open the Google app on my Samsung S4 and start to type something, anything, a dropdown appeared showing a history of several sites. Even when I held down on each one and selected "Delete" (it was in red for some reason)...
  6. Android Mobile Devices
    Hi,I've never used Google Play store before & despite reading articles online I don't know how to do this specifically.I want to install Google cardboard on my Samsung Galaxy A3 & watch normal YouTube videos that I have downloaded & view those videos on a VR headset at the dentist(the latest...
  7. Games
    Hello guys im using windows 7 , ive installed far cry 3 and cabella big game hunter , i launched those game it say ( the applicatio. Was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b click ok to close the application ) I just google this to get a solution for this but nothing works. frame work - vc...
  8. Android Mobile Devices
    I installed this webcam monitoring app in my phone and works perfectly everywhere but in my workplace ("camera feed not available"). We have free internet connection and I can run any other apps (Youtube, browsers, Whatsapp) without problems. So, there must be some net setting that blocks this...
  9. Android Mobile Devices
    I am new to using LG G5 and after almost every app I download,it asks me to allow the app to access media etc.. Then when I allow it it says " screen overlay detected" and instructs me to go to "settings" and change the app preferences but it doesn't work
  10. Android Mobile Devices
    Is there any way the apps can be installed in the external storage of MI devices. i have a MI note 4g.
  11. Software Development
    Hi guys I could do with some help. I've written a small application using a RAD tool called Neobook. The problem I have is that Neobook only outputs as a windows exe and in fixed size screens. Their HTML5 version is still beta, and I now need to take it to the next stage and have it running in...
1-11 of 11 Results