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  1. Hardware
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7232 laptop with a windows 10 operating system. Recently I go a replacement for my processor chip. I wanted to replace my AMD A8-4500 M Series chip with a AMD A10-5700 M Series chip. The chip was in good condition with no bent pins and matched up fully to the...
  2. Hardware
    So when i upgrade my processor to a AMD A10-7890k my computer will boot fan spins everything but my desktop wont show up on screen and the light on my pc dosent flash...but evertime i downgrade to my old processor everthing works fine ive tryed updating the chipset but it didnt work what should...
  3. Hardware
    Hey my name is Christian and recently i both a new cpu for my Pc. Its the AMD FX 8350. For this Cpu i also got myself a new CPU fan. The Artic Freeze Extr. Rev 2. So first things first i'm not a native english speaker so please excuse my writing. But now my problem. I installed all Hardware...
  4. Hardware
    I noticed that this computer that I had bought was slowing down even though I have a decent graphics card. I am guessing it is the Processor because I had cleared everything off the computer. The processor is a AMD Athlon X2 64 Dual core. If anyone could help me than thank you!
  5. Hardware
    So recently I got an older computer and i decided to upgrade the Cpu and the Ram once I installed them (I am sure I installed it correctly) I went to start my computer and it did not start the front light that turns on when the computer starts was not on the fans were not on. but on the mother...
1-5 of 5 Results