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  1. Hardware
    I have an inspiron 5570 with a faulty dedicated GPU, which prevents it from UEFI booting. Is there a way to disable my AMD GPU from BIOS. I cant find any options! These are my specs...
  2. Hardware
    My GPU usage drops to 0 percentage and to minimum clocks while gaming. The power usage is also very fluctuating and then monitor shows no display but I can hear in game audios. It worked alright for over a year. I want to know if its the power supply or the GPU's problem Specs I5-2400 8gb ddr3...
  3. Hardware
    So yesterday i ordered a 2600x, some 2x4gb sticks of kingston hyperx fury RAM and an MSI Tomahawk b350 AM4 motherboard and today i found out that you need some king of a 2000 series-ready motherboard.. So my question is; will my system boot with the 2600x in this motherboard? I did kind of...
1-3 of 3 Results