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  1. Windows 10
    I logged into my Microsoft account on my computer and while trying to remove it and switch to a local one I lost my administrative privileges in my computer and I'm stuck as a standard user, how can I get them back and remove the account to use a local account?
  2. Windows 10
    I lent my cousin my old laptop (Windows 10) to use But I forgot to empty the recycle bin on my main user account. :oops: There were some REALLY embarrassing files in the recycle bin that I don't want anyone to see. Before I gave her the laptop, I created a second local account with admin access...
  3. Windows 10
    Today I tried to reset my laptop so it could run faster and cleaner. I went and clicked to do a factory reset. It went through the process and at the very end of the process said “Failed to reset your pc. No changes were made”. After this it gave me an option to choose an operating system...
  4. Windows 10
    My younger sibling was "playing" on the computer and messed up EVERYTHING!!!! There is only one user account on this computer and they managed to change it from Admin to Standard and now I can't uninstall some things that I don't want/need anymore. How can I possibly change the account BACK to...
  5. Windows 10
    So I had to recreate a password in March 2018 and I totally forgot the password I used for my admin account. I'm not 100% sure its it's a local account or linked to an email address so I did try to change my hotmail password in order to change the admin password but it didn't sync up to said...
  6. Windows 8
    I was using my laptop yesterday as normal. I use the administrator account. then when I went to log in again about an hour later it kept telling me my password was bad. I changed it and it wont allow the new password either. Ive tried rebooting in safemode, pressing shift key/esc/delete/f8 etc...
1-6 of 6 Results