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  1. Hardware
    Hello everyone, so basically there was a problem with a laptop HDD (it wouldn't boot, or show up in the BIOS menu), so I took it out and tried to connect it to my desk computer using a USB adapter. I was able to locate the disc in windows DISKPART. I tried to format it, but when i typed the...
  2. Networking
    The WiFi doesn't show or identifies any network available. Those networks can be seen connected in other devices though. The diagnostic setup has to be run on the laptop to get things back to normal. This is a frequent problem being faced by me. It arises any time and there is no fixed...
  3. Networking
    I have several computers and laptops at my home. I have bought some laptops days ago and I thought that I should reinstall Windows on my old desktops. These desktops are so old that I don't even know what manufacture or ID they have. On PC 1 I had Windows XP and I installed Vista On PC 2 I...
  4. Hardware
    hi, Okay so I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. It's pretty old as I got it in 2009, and yes the battery is shot to hell. But it has worked in this condition. The problem is I can't get the adapter to turn on to get my computer powered on. To my knowledge, there's no shortage or exposed wires...
  5. Networking
    Hi, I just purchased a Pendo Pad 10.1 running Windows 10. I tried to connect it to my home WiFi and found that there was no option for this although researched proved there should be. When I troubleshoot it said that there is a driver or hardware problem with the Broadcom 802.11abgn Wireless...
  6. Hardware
    SO, I recently (today) got a new PC, some HP machine but that's irrelevant. When I was looking at the specs I was not paying attention to the amount of audio ports in the back. On this PC there are 3; In, Out and Mic. My headphones are 7.1 SS headphones and I was wondering if there are any...
  7. Networking
    Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out. I cant use PowerLine adapters since when i connect it, i get no internet access. Ive tried rebooting the pc, router, flush dns, disabling anti-virus, etc. Still have no answer. plez halp((((
  8. Windows 7
    First of all, I would like to apologise for my lack of knowledge on the subject and potentialy bad english, since it ism't my first language. I have HP Foolio 9470m with Ubuntu 14 and Windows 7 installed. The laptop has been working *perfectly* until yesterday. I left it on (using windows at...
  9. Networking
    I can see my WIFI adapter in my device manager but when I go to enable it from adapter options I cant find it there.
  10. Hardware
    I want to connect electric guitar to my PC. What hardware (and maybe software) do I need?
  11. Networking
    Okay so I've been battling this issue for months on end to on avail. I've got a Gigabyte BC-WB867D-I wireless adapter in my desktop. I've taken it to multiple places and it reached 30 mpbs + download speeds but when I'm at home I get maybe 3 mbps download if I'm lucky. I don't think its our isp...
41-51 of 51 Results