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  1. Games
    Hello, Dota 2 has been crashing every time I play a match after the new update. It was working fine before but now I cant play the game properly. I've tried everything I could but it still crashes and after looking at the dump files in windbgx64 the same particles.dll file always crash with...
  2. Windows Server
    Hi All, On my windows server of my application, I logged in as an admin but I am unable to delete my files in recycle bin of E:/drive. They get deleted initially after few seconds they are back to their normal place. Suspecting my Recycle bin to be corrupted, I tried the command RD /S /Q...
  3. Games
    Hi there, For roughly 3 days now, I've been struggling to get an old game to work on my PC called "Army Men RTS". The issue I am having is that whenever I try to launch the game, nine out of ten times it normally results in me getting an error message like "Pandemic Studios error: ACCESS...
1-3 of 3 Results