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  1. Windows 10
    Hi so I have had this alienware computer for about 7 years now. My computer has been having these random freezes for the past few weeks where I would need to force restart the computer (can't task manager etc), (mouse won't move). After restarting the computer I will get 5 slightly fast beeps...
  2. Hardware
    So I recently just built my first pc. And everything seemed all good until I tried to turn in on and I got no signal from my tv screen that I'm using as a monitor. I then noticed that the sytem was staying on for about 10-12 seconds, fans running leds on and everything, however then it would...
  3. Hardware
    I've just built my second computer and I keep getting the "process failure" code when I boot. When I boot without RAM, I only get the 3 beep code. These are all new parts. I have gone through many checklists, double checked all cords are connected, unscrewed the standoffs and pulled the MOBO...
1-3 of 3 Results