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  1. Hardware
    I live in Singapore and was initially looking for good monitors at 144hz at a price range about 200USD, I found a deal for a Samsung Odyssey G4 25inch 1080p at 240hz for the cost of USD 240 on Samsungs official website in Singapore. Should I take this deal or is it too good to be true/the...
  2. Games
    Hi all, I just recently completed a pc build and my gpu is an RTX 2060 Super FE. I just received my new Alienware 27 inch 240hz IPS monitor today, and at 240hz, I have white pixels flashing on dark surfaces, and if I open chrome google has considerable distortion and screen tearing. It’s lesser...
  3. Hardware
    Today my new 240hz monitor came. I set it up with a HDMI cable. I get 144hz. 144hz is good to play but I still want to try 240hz. (my computer, asus rog g20aj, has no displayport port in the back of it) The monitor supports DP 1.2, My PC doesn't have a DP slot in the back (it should have but...
1-3 of 3 Results