There's no such thing as a stupid question, but they're the easiest to answer.
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Celebrating 15 Years of Tech Support Guy! Welcome to Tech Support Guy!

If you're looking for free technical support, you've found it! This site is run completely by volunteers and paid for completely by donations and sponsors. There is no charge to you (although we do appreciate donations). To get started, check out the Tech Support Guy Forums. We hope you will return frequently!

"There's no such thing as a stupid question, but they're the easiest to answer!"

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Spike in Malware Attacks on Aging ATMs
Oct 20, 2014 - 10:17 PM - by ekim68
This author has long been fascinated with ATM skimmers, custom-made fraud devices designed to steal card data and PINs from unsuspecting users of compromised cash machines. But a recent spike in malicious software capable of infecting and jackpotting ATMs is shifting the focus away from innovative, high-tech skimming devices toward the rapidly aging ATM infrastructure in the United States and abroad.
0 Replies | 70 Views
Apple appears to have mistakenly updated iPad User Guide for iOS 8 with screenshots
Oct 15, 2014 - 1:28 PM - by etaf
Apple's iPad User Guide for iOS Confirms iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 With Touch ID

Apple appears to have mistakenly updated its iPad User Guide for iOS 8 with screenshots
0 Replies | 241 Views
Samsung '5G' test hits speeds 30 times faster than LTE
Oct 15, 2014 - 1:10 PM - by TechSocial
Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it has tested blazing-fast data speeds for a next-generation network, clocking transmissions that are 30 times faster than 4G LTE
The Korean electronics giant said tests reached 7.5Gbps in a stationary setting, calling it an industry best.
It also recorded stable signal transmissions at 1.2Gbps in a specially equipped Hyundai minivan traveling over 100 kilometers per hour at Everland Speedway in South Korea, and posted a video of the test on YouTube.

So-called 5G successor networks to 4G, which currently operate around 100Mbps, could allow users to download a movie in only one second.
The tests were performed on a 28GHz network

The tests were performed on a 28GHz network.
Other telecom companies such as NTT DoCoMo, Ericsson and Nokia have also been testing their own so-called 5G technologies, with Nokia eyeing the 70GHz frequency band.
Standards for 5G, however, have not been agreed upon.
“No one knows what the 5G standard will look like,” said Lee Youngso, a senior market analyst at IDC in Seoul.

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0 Replies | 67 Views
Microsoft unveils Windows 10
Oct 01, 2014 - 9:22 AM - by simr
Microsoft unveils its new operating system: Windows 10.

Release date: some time in 2015.
18 Replies | 955 Views
SSDs could get cheaper with Samsung's cutting-edge TLC V-NAND tech
Oct 11, 2014 - 11:55 AM - by TechSocial
In August, Samsung revealed that it had conjured up a way to make its bleeding-edge 3D V-NAND flash memory even more data-dense than before. Today, the company announced that mass production of 3-bit 3D V-NAND has begun, and it might be able to quell the biggest complaint about SSDs packing prior generation V-NAND tech: price.
Samsung launched its 850 Pro SSDs—the first-ever V-NAND-based solid state drives, using 2-bit-per-cell technology—in July, and it earned rave reviews across the board. The 850 Pro SSD equaled and often trumped competitors in speed, endurance, and power efficiency, then Samsung rubbed salt in the wound by offering best-in-class software and a 10-year warranty with the drives. Put simply, the 850 Pro series rocked.
But wow, they were expensive, with most models selling around $1 per gigabyte of storage—a clear premium over rival SSDs.
That may soon change however. Flash memory is from giant silicon wafers; the more flash memory you can successfully extract from a single wafer, the better. And Samsung says 3-bit V-NAND wafers yield more than twice as much end product compared to wafers of its traditional 10nm 3-bit flash memory. That makes sense; V-NAND’s big trick is vertically stacking layers of flash cells, while traditional flash memory arranges the cells side-by-side on the horizontal plane.

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0 Replies | 124 Views
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